If you have a question about the photoboard, please check the help section below. Just click on the question headings to see an answer. If your question isn’t answered, please contact us directly.

Why isn’t my photo on the photoboard?

There are a number of possible reasons.

  1. You haven’t filled in the form to say you want to be on the photoboard
  2. We don’t have a photo for you – either you didn’t upload one, or the file was corrupted or in the wrong format
  3. You didn’t give us permission to use an existing photo when you filled in the form
  4. When you filled in the form you chose for your photo only to be visible locally. Currently ‘local’ means that the photoboard is being viewed from a Foundation network.

If you were or are on the Universal Hall photoboard, we can use that picture but you needed to give us permission to use it. If you have already filled in the form, just contact us to let us know that it’s OK to use old photos.

My information is incorrect or out of date

Please fill in the form again with the correct/up to date information and we’ll update as soon as we can.

What format should my photo be in?

If at all possible, please submit a high resolution photo, at least 2000px by 2000px. Your photo will look much nicer! For full information please see the photo guidelines.

My photo is fuzzy, unclear etc

If the photo you submitted wasn’t large enough, it will look fuzzy when viewed on larger screens. Please send us a larger photo!

My head is chopped off!

Hopefully just on the photo!

All photos on the photoboard are displayed in a square format. If the photo you sent was not square, the photoboard automatically crops it, but if you weren’t in the centre of the photo, it may not be cropped as you would like.

The best way to fix this is to resubmit a photo which you have cropped yourself. Please see the photo guidelines for more information.

The photoboard doesn’t work for me

Please make sure that you are using a modern web browser. Currently supported browsers include:-

  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 8 or better
  • Firefox 4 or better
  • Safari 4 or better
  • iPhone and iPad iOS version 5 or better

If you are using one of these browsers, and it’s still not working right, please let us know by filling in the bug/problem report form.

How can I help?

If you would like to help with the photoboard, we could use help in the following areas:-

  • taking photos – if you have a digital camera and are able to take photos for people
  • graphic design & user interface – if you can help improve the design and user interface of the photoboard
  • web development and programming – if you have experience with PHP and/or javascript development
  • anything else – if you have some other idea how you would like to help

If you would like to help, please get in touch.

I have a suggestion

If you have any suggestions for how the photoboard could be made better, please let us know.